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Is Mobile Marketing Dead?

Is Mobile Marketing Dead?

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Mobile Marketing’s Exponential Audience Growth

We have 6 accounts or so that make up most of our revenue (the old 80/20 rule is still in true) and have dozens of accounts.

I chose one of our smaller accounts (as to not stir up too many haters saying I Photoshop’d it…fake…BS…etc) for some proof that some decent revenue numbers can still be had.

No, Mobile Marketing is not dead. If anything it is in the process of growing and out-pacing every other form of media on the planet.

Depending on who you believe, we currently have about 1.6 to 1.8 Billion (yes that’s BILLION) people that are connected to the Internet via a Mobile Phone. Experts project, in the next 2-3 years, that the number will grow to become 2x to 3x larger.


Mobile Infrastructure Growth Fueled by BIG Corporations

With companies like Facebook and Google actively growing the infrastructure of this medium, it will soon eclipse the opportunity desktop ever had.

Have you heard about the two Facebook drones flying around Kenya 24/7 to deliver free WIFI to the whole country?

Have you heard about Google launching 86 satellites into space to provide satellite Internet to the world?


Mobile Internet – Greatest Equalizer Humanity Has Ever Seen

+Slight Philosophical rant starts here+

In 2008, I had one of those ah-ha moments with a friend, in a slightly inebriated state, and I told him…”Wow! Have you ever thought about what the world will be like when the entire planet has the Internet? What about a global hotspot? Everyone in the world would would have access to the Internet. It’ll be the great equalizer!”

The gun, in the last few hundred years became the great equalizer for mankind. A man/woman/ or even child with a gun could now be on an equal playing field with any other human being as far as power.

With the Internet reaching the entire world we’ll soon see the greatest empowerment of mankind that has ever happened.

That once little girl in Kenya who grew up the abandoned child of a slave (who was also a child of a slave…generations of slaves) now has the information at her fingertips (walking around in her pocket) that life doesn’t have to be like this. Everything she grew up knowing to be the truth (her reality) now has been shattered with a new reality. And if she chooses to empower herself by believing and taking action on her new found truths, she can make a new life for herself. Possibly even change the world.

Can you imagine how much faster Ghandi would have had an impact on India had he been embarking on his mission today? What about Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela? Dare I say Jesus?

It seems that the distribution of this great equalizer is the destiny of mankind, there’s no stopping it.

+Slight Philosophical rant ends here+



So, no Mobile is not dead. It’s just beginning. If anything Desktop will soon be dead (or least greatly diminished). In countries like Kenya and the rest of the under-developed world they don’t (and likely never will) have the infrastructure in place to have electricity in their home…let alone cable Internet. They do seem to manage a way to have a mobile phone though and even have solar powered mobile phone chargers to make sure they never die.

Mobile is alive and well and will grow SIGNIFICANTLY in the VERY near future.

Better be in it…or you’ll be wishing you had.


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