I usually have 3 spots for consulting clients and have one spot open.  Send me an email if your are interested in working with me.

Some things to take into account before doing so though:

  • I generally only work with 6 figure revenue per month companies
  • My commission is 10%-20% of revenue growth from baseline established when we start
  • My retainer is $25,000 per month (possibly negotiable with a higher participation in growth)
  • I actively manage 7-8 figure per year marketing campaign budgets
  • Specialties include website conversion, product development, and marketing (on Facebook, Google, Pay Per View, In-text and Mobile).
  • Top 3 strengths of the Kickass Marketer are:
    1. Mobile/Desktop Traffic Generation through media buys and Affiliate Networks (buying traffic from them as an Advertiser)
    2. Direct Response Marketing conversion (funnels, sales-copy, back-end monetization process development, A/B testing, and data analysis)
    3. From brand to product sales & fulfillment including the execution of website & product development
    4. Bonus Strength: I’m a big idea-guy and big-scale guy.  I’ve worked on projects that generated 10s of thousands of sales per day for me and my clients (in 216+ countries) and cooperatively managed an $81 Million PPC campaign for my company.

You can access more information about me by clicking here

If you are interested in setting up a free-1 hour consultation, email me at dan {at} kickassmarketer {dot} com to start the dialog.

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