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Dan Wisdom

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Well, without building an online resume that would put the average human to sleep:

Top 3 strengths of the Kickass Marketer are:

  1. Mobile/Desktop Traffic Generation through media buys and Affiliate Networks (buying traffic from them as an Advertiser)
  2. Direct Response Marketing conversion (funnels, sales copy, back-end monetization & process development, A/B testing, and data analysis)
  3. From brand to product sales & fulfillment, including the execution of website & product development
  4. Bonus Strength: I’m a big-idea guy and big-scale guy.  I’ve worked on projects that generated 10s of thousands of sales per day for me and my clients (in 216+ countries) and cooperatively managed an $81 Million PPC/PPV campaign for my company. I’ve grown brand new start-ups to 8 figure earners and taken a low five-figure per month (6-year old company) to a hig fiver-figure per month steady powerhouse. I’ve taken a struggling online newsletter subscriber base from 4,752 subscribers to 4.5 million in 2 years. I started a very successful niche SEO company from scratch. Owned an operated a 7-figure affiliate marketing company that was at the top of the charts (#1 several times) for the biggest brand names you could come up with. I stepped into a company already generating 60,000 subscribers per day and grew their subscription base 7.8% in 90 days. I enjoy helping companies grow exponentially by helping them increase the value to their end customer and maximizing their existing infrastructure with smart optimizations.
I could probably expand it and bore you to death.  Instead, I’ll leave that for a phone-conversation we’ll have in the future, if you send me an email. dan {at} kickassmarketer {dot} com

Bio of Dan Wisdom

Dan is currently a founding partner and Chief Marketing Officer of an 8-figure Android Apps company. This allows him access to 20 million installed users and 300,000+ customers with credit card subscriptions with us.- 12+ Desktop software installation companies (which could get installations of the Dubli toolbar) one of which does 7,000,000 installations per month.  Several others are in the lower millions per month.
– Dan currently has Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Install offers on 12+ Affiliate networks. Each network ranges in size, but are good for anywhere from millions of installs to 100s of thousands per month.
– Dan is also friends with and guest contributor to several paid affiliate forums (affiliate business opportunity seekers) paying to be part of the forum. One of which has 2,300 members.
– Dan also owns dozens of website properties with members that can be leveraged to acquire consumers.
– Dan is founding partner of a Mobile Apps company with 20,000,000 users (300k customers) and could offer your product or service to them all.
– Dan is an Ordained Christian Minister too, and could leverage his contacts in the Christian Church Community

Executive Summary

I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 1995 and have developed websites and online companies in the following industries:
  • Affiliate Marketing (over 2,300 individual products and services)
  • Business Opportunities
  • Christian Weight Loss
  • Consumer Goods
  • Credit Repair
  • Dating
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Electrical (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Internet Marketing
  • Mobile (Android Apps & Websites)
  • Personal Development
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Coaching
  • Travel
  • Weight Loss
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • and probably several others that fail to come to my mind at the time of this writing
If you are interested in determining if I can be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Dan Wisdom

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